Saturday, 1 March 2008


Epilepsy Cures

I have chosen the name of this blog to be both hopeful and challenging. I am well aware that epilepsy is a broad term with a whole continuum of symptoms. I am also aware that there are many forums and websites about epilepsy. So why start another?

Well, I really want to focus on any permanent cures that exist. I would define a cure as leading to being both seizure-free and medication-free. Being seizure-free on medication is a way of controlling the epilepsy rather than curing it. I am aware this may exclude many epileptics who have been told they will have to be on medication for life. However, I also feel that the advice given often depends on the consultant, the hospital, the medical system one is in and even in which country one seeks advice. It is therefore important to not only focus on the methods available but also on the individuals and organisations delivering the medical care. I hope this will eventually grow into a detailled resource on where to go for the best care. This is not just about which consultant works in which hospital but also about the advice they give. Doctors have their own particular interests and attitudes. One can get an idea from their research papers, but would be even better to read about people's own experiences.

I would therefore welcome all contributions about your own experiences as well as questions that, hopefully, either I or another contributor can answer. Any links to exisiting information also gratefully received.

As an example, to show how medical care differs around the world, I have experienced treatment in both the UK and Thailand. In the UK medical care may well be free at the point of delivery but it is also incredibly slow and their approach is to do the minimum necessary rather than the optimum needed. In contrast, in Thailand one has to pay for treatment and you can get anything done quickly, but be careful you are not being charged for pointless treatments. The costs in Thailand are about 10-20% of the costs of going private in the UK, so that even adding travel costs this may be quicker and more affordable than suffering in the UK. I will say more about this in various posts.

I will also be adding links as and when good websites are brought to my attention, as well as a dedicated search engine for epilepsy sites.

All comments are moderated so please be patient. Anything interesting that may warrant a new post will have one created.


Emeriol said...

Looks to be a great premise upon which to launch a blog. Can't wait to read more!

Emeriol said...

Oh, I added your blog to my list of links. I'll probably do a post on it in a few days. Good luck!

Rycharde Manne said...

Hi, thanks. Well, with an estimated 20% of diagnosed as 'suspected' epileptics being later discovered to be misdiagnosed, perhaps this is not so much a search for miracle cures as a search for accurate 'confirmed' diagnoses. I am starting to feel that my year of side-effects may have all been futile.

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