Thursday, 3 April 2008

How to use SnapShots

What is it?

Snapshots is triggered when you roll over a link with your mouse. It pops up a small window with a preview of the website page that the link points to. This means you can see if the page may or may not be of interest before clicking the link.

What features does it have?

When you see a Snapshots window open you will also see two small buttons on the top right. One of them is a small magnifying glass and will enlarge the preview window so you can see the website more clearly. You can toggle between two sizes.

There is also another button with a drop-down menu giving you Options and Disable. Clicking Options gives you some parameters you can set to improve your Snapshots experience. You can permanently set the size of the window, the kind of feed you see in the window (either an RSS feed or the actual website page) and whether you wish Snapshots turned on or off.

Can I switch it off?

Yes, when a Snapshots window opens, you will see two buttons at the top right of the window. One of them has a dropdown menu where you will see Options and Disable. Just click Disable and the Snapshot windows will no longer appear. In the Options page you can also switch it off permanently, so when you revisit this site it will no longer appear. Note, this latter options requires cookies setting so if in the future you delete the cookie you will need to reset this option when you visit this site.

Snapshots advertising revenue

As you will notice, the Snapshots window has a small advert below the website preview. At the moment, Snapshots does not actually pay out a proportion of income to the webmaster. However, it will pay a proportion to a designated charity. I haven't as yet decided which charity to receive these donations! These will sit there and accumulate until I decide.

And finally...

I personally find Snapshots useful, especially for seeing where contextual links are directed to. You will also recognize whether a link goes to a website that you are already familiar with, or if it is something new that you'd like to browse.

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